Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use

II. Activity and legal status of HC

Individuals Internet interested in purchasing horses, services in the form of professional purchasing advice when purchasing horses, training services for horses and riders as well as travel services and assistance services for related tours through Germany and Europe, can request relevant offers and services and make contact with horse sellers, trainers, purchasing advisers and personal guides via the HC Internet platform/website.

In relation to all offers and services, HC acts only as an intermediary. If a corresponding contract is concluded, the customer’s exclusive contract partner will be the particular stable or service provider. For the legal and contractual relationship with the particular stable or service provider, insofar as effectively agreed, their terms and conditions of sale or business, and applicable legal regulations, apply.

HC acts as an intermediary in accordance with legal regulations concerning a payment-based agency agreement as a contract for services pursuant to Sections 675, 631 ff. of the German Civil Code. The terms and conditions of business of HC, which the client may receive on request with the offer of HC, form the basis of the contract, insofar as effectively agreed to.

In relation to travel services, HC is also exclusively an intermediary. HC does not provide or broker tourist travel services and, in particular, no sum of travel services in the sense of a package tour. HC is also thus not a travel agent in the sense of the legal regulations of Sections 651 a-m of the German Civil Code.

III. Duties of the user, access and exclusion

The user is, particularly within the context of inquiries to HC, as well as any possible entries in guest books, obligated to adhere to all legal provisions and to supply information fully and truthfully.

HC reserves the right to suspend or restrict access to the entire Internet platform, as well as individual functions, for individual users or groups of users. This applies in particular in relation to inquiries, entries or actions which violate the law, morality or the rights of HC (exercise of the so-called “virtual domestic authority”).

IV. Legal character of the offers and the users’ inquiries

All information and offers on the HC Internet platform, in particular in relation to horses, trainers, purchasing advisers and other service providers, represent information about the current availability of these offers and their general conditions.

With all offerings, there is no offer of a contract in a legal sense.

User inquiries to HC also do not represent a contract offer in a legal sense and are not binding for the user.

Rather, HC submits a binding offer for the associated services according to the user’s instructions in the inquiry, on behalf of and with the full authority of the specified service provider on the basis of their terms and conditions of business, which the user can accept in the manner and in the time provided for in the offer and in the terms and conditions of business of HC.

The quotations from HC in principle do not contain a binding offer to conclude a purchasing agreement in relation to a specific horse.

HC cannot guarantee and assumes no procurement risk according to § 276 Para. 1 S. 1 of the Federal Civil Code in relation to the availability of specific horses, sellers, trainers and other service providers.